About Us

TOWER Cold Chain Solutions provides rental services dedicated to the KryoTrans (KT) range of passive, reusable controlled-temperature containers for the cold chain and cool chain industry

TOWER is based in Theale, in the UK, 30 minutes west of London Heathrow, on the M4 motorway, Theale is one of TOWER’s five hubs that service KT containers globally

TOWER has two hubs in the US, in San Francisco and New York, and two in mainland Europe, in Brussels and Frankfurt

In addition to providing a rental service for KryoTrans containers TOWER has its own environmental chambers to test KT containers against TOWER’s exacting protocols and also run bespoke tests for customers’ own internal qualification

TOWER’s team comprises experienced, knowledgeable people who support the KT containers with a high level of customer support, working hard to ensure the right outcome for every shipment