The KryoTrans® range of passive thermal containers are often associated with transporting cold chain products. However, they provide protection for a wide range of thermal needs, in particular, products that need to be shipped at controlled-room-temperature

We recently carried out an industry wide research project to uncover the major challenges, risks and priorities for controlled-room-temperature shipping – a first of its kind benchmarking tool. You can see the results here.

Thermal Performance

The entire KTM and KryoTrans range of containers can be conditioned for controlled-room-temperature shipping, see the graph below for performance data.

How does it work?

  • Plates can be conditioned to keep your product at 15-25C for a minimum of 120 hours
  • Simple pack-out configuration using high quality phase-change material
  • Containers arrive preconditioned to your warehouse of pick up point, providing immediate thermal protection

For full technical specifications and more details, browse the KryoTrans product section.

Controlled Room Temperature Shipments