Great importance is attached to the temperature control and audit of manufacturing sites and warehousing but what happens during shipment? How do we know that the load did not experience any temperature excursions?

To monitor temperature-sensitive products, a data-logger is integrated into all KryoTrans® containers. A fully-integrated solution with a real-time easy-to-read display with current temperature, and the min/max temperatures for the shipment, allowing for in-transit compliance checks and on-delivery sign-off, providing a complete electronic and hard copy audit trail.

Our modular KTM range use the InTemp CX400 solution offering the following features:

  • Visual alarms to notify of any temperature excursions
  • Bluetooth integration with smart devices and cloud platforms
  • Remote user app, logger set-up and reporting
  • 21CRF Part 11 compliant
  • Meets GDP requirements
  • NIST traceable calibration
  • Alkaline-battery powered accepted by IATA and guards against local power loss

The sub-pallet-load KT range continues to utilise the proprietary KryoLogger, features include:

  • Visual alert to notify of any temperature excursions
  • Continuous internal and external ambient temperature recording
  • Records time-stamped events if the container is opened
  • Sender/recipient and payload data sent via email

All KryoLoggers are calibrated to ISO17025 standards and compliant with avionics equipment DO-160 EMC.