Our History

The history of TOWER Cold Chain Solutions can be traced to when Dr John Pring, a regulatory scientist working for the UK government’s National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NISBC), obtained a patent that concerned a reusable, controlled temperature container with a datalogger located on its outer wall

John’s work with NISBC had alerted him to the fact globalisation and regulation, both swiftly overtaking the pharmaceutical industry, would render traditional disposable cardboard packaging unable either to protect products requiring precise temperature control on challenging cross-hemispherical journeys, or to satisfy strict audit trail requirements.

John also recognised that with many of the pharmaceutical industry’s most profitable products fast approaching the end of their patented lives, pharma companies would be obliged to turn to biologics for their new products, and with them all the complexities of both developing and manufacturing products that require temperature protection throughout their lives

If, however, there was one thing that John did not get right it was the timeframe within which these various drivers would impact upon the market and create the demand for the Kryotrans containers that he had started to develop. Despite positive interest from a number of pharma companies, Kryotrans Ltd sought new investment in 2005

In 2006 a new consortium, headed by Chris Krzak and Chris Pollard (the latter having been an angel investor in the original Kryotrans), re-launched the Company as KryoTrans International Ltd, and set about re-engineering the key product, now known as the KT400. In this task Chris Krzak, leading the engineering project, was greatly assisted by the arrival of James Vann, whose apprenticeship at Laminar Medica had provided him with an admirable capability to engage with the development of both KT400 and, just as importantly, the phase-change system that turned a well-engineered container into a market-leading one

In 2009 it became clear that a rental service was required to support demand for the KT range, and TOWER (standing for The One-Way Easy Rental) Cold Chain Solutions was created. TOWER developed quickly and in 2011 acquired KryoTrans International, bringing everything together again

In 2013 the new KTM Modular range was launched