Logistics Providers

Pharmaceutical companies increasingly ask for ‘360° solutions’, but what are they?

At TOWER we interpret that to mean that, so far as the safe transit of high-value, controlled-temperature drugs is concerned, a 360° solution is a seamless interface between their logistics and packaging providers. TOWER works in close partnership with many global and local logistic providers to provide that seamless solution for their pharma clients

Whether the pharma company specifies a KryoTrans (KT) container, or asks their logistics provider to source the most suitable, robust and stable passive temperature-managed reusable container for their shipments, TOWER works in conjunction with all involved to meet the exacting needs of the customer

Even though our relationships are usually triangular, with the pharma company and the logistics provider, we supply KT containers to the logistics company on a rental basis, to use over a series of routes or on one particular lane… whatever is needed

TOWER provides training, technical support and customer service, enabling the logistics provider to prepare and condition the container. The integrated KryoLogger allows immediate audit of temperature compliance of the container and load, with instant download on arrival regardless of whether the shipment was by road, rail, air or any multi-mode route, giving confidence to the client and proving efficacy of the product

Our rental specialists are ready to work with you – contact us now to discuss partnering to meet your clients’ logistic and shipment needs