KryoLogger saves money and time

A global pharmaceutical company was shipping temperature-sensitive drugs at 2-8°C from Europe to South Africa on a weekly basis to its distribution centre

They used a well-known temperature monitor to record the temperatures within an EPS shipper.

Their SOP was to place the product in quarantine until the logger had been downloaded, the results checked and the clearance signed off; a process that created delays of four or five days.

The KryoTrans KT400 container, with its integrated KryoLogger, was then introduced as they needed extended compliance times and the ability to cope with both hot and cold ambients.

The KryoLogger will show an alarm if a breach of the acceptable temperature range is detected. A new SOP was written as the pharma company was now able to see the highest, lowest and current temperature and could now immediately determine that product could be released to the distribution hub, thus saving them four to five days together with the attendant costs.

On acceptance, the KryoLogger data was downloaded and sent to a common email address, where it was stored until, or if, required.

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