Simplifying a Complex Temperature-sensitive Supply Chain

This ebook contains a collection of case studies, interviews and other resources that provide insight into a collaborative project between three stakeholders; TOWER Cold Chain Solutions, GEODIS and a major, global pharmaceutical manufacturer. This project resulted in appointing a new temperature-controlled packaging provider for a hug-value oncology product.

Following some challenges around transportation and temperature excursions, the pharmaceutical company and their 3PL, GEODIS, drew up a shortlist of temperature-controlled packaging providers, which were then assessed according to strict criteria. TOWER Cold Chain Solution’s KTM range of passive, thermal containers was the leading product and has since been integrated into the complex supply chain, with over 30 shipping lanes globally. This partnership has even resulted in the set-up of a new, local distribution hub in Manchester.

The ebook contains the following chapters:

  1. Case study: replacing the thermal packaging solution
  2. Interview: identification and implementation of a new packaging solution
  3. Insights from the project partners
  4. A global distribution network

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