TOWER lets the wedding bells ring

TOWER was surprised to receive an email from a customer, who sent thanks for allowing her to get married!

She explained that for six months she had been working on a route that started in extremely cold conditions but finished in extreme heat. This dramatic shift in ambients was causing her current packaging to either freeze the product at the start of the trip or allow it to overheat at the end.

A lot of money and time had been spent trying to modify the EPS shipper they had been using, and the mounting problems were casting doubts on the vacation she was going to take to get married.

She learned about KryoTrans® containers and by using the standard KryoTrans 2-8°C pack-outs her problems were resolved overnight. Easily coping with the harshest of environments, the company was delighted with the KryoTrans single all-year-round pack-out as all the guess work on ambient variances had been overcome at a stroke.

The product stayed at the correct temperature and our customer was married.

TOWER offers no general guarantee as to the marital prospects of its customers.

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