• Great importance is attached to the temperature control and audit of manufacturing sites and warehousing – but what happens during shipment? How do we know that the load temperature remained within compliance irrespective of ambient?
  • Was the load compromised at any stage by the container doors being opened?
  • Is the load ready for sign-off on delivery?

The KryoLogger is integrated into ALL KryoTrans (KT) containers.
The real-time display and in-transit ‘at-a-glance’ compliance check enables on-delivery sign-off with the product available immediately.
If pre-set temperature parameters are breached at any time along the route, the display will flash to ensure action can be taken

The KryoLogger provides a complete electronic and hard copy audit trail

  • Displays maximum, minimum and current temperature of payload
  • Continually logs internal core and external ambient temperatures for the entire duration of the shipment
  • Records time-stamped events whenever the container is opened
  • Sender/recipient and payload data can be sent via email

The KryoLogger continually displays the highest and lowest internal temperatures since the trip started, current internal temperature and the number of trips until recalibration (user defined). All data recorded during the shipment can be downloaded numerically and graphically without the need for additional software

Calibrated to ISO17025 standards and compliant with avionics equipment DO-160 EMC*, the KryoLogger is an extension of the quality department. It extends the ‘controlled site’ concept throughout transit, with full traceability, audit trail and event logging. The ‘at-a-glance’ compliance check saves time at handover and the fully downloadable data can be integrated into compliance records to prove efficacy of the product throughout the entire supply chain

The KryoLogger is integrated into every KTM, KT400, KT70 and KT26

* Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment