KryoTrans KT Range

With an enviable and unrivalled reputation for robustness, reliability and extended compliance times, the KT400, KT70 and KT26 containers are the backbone of our short-term rental services (although all three are also available for long-term rental).

Qualified for use at -20ºC, +5ºC or +20ºC using phase-change materials, and below -40ºC using dry ice, there is a KT container to suit every application.

The patented PCM-based design and robust structure ensures no heating or freezing of the load, with no requirement to keep an air gap around the load

The KT400 offers baseline 120-hour performance at -60ºC, -20ºC, -5ºC, +5ºC and +20ºC and an unladen internal capacity of 400 litres.

The KT70, and smaller KT26, have lower internal volumes and slightly shorter compliance times, which means the range of KT containers can be configured and conditioned for just about any shipment.

All KT containers feature the built-in KryoLogger that provides a full audit trail as well as at-a-glance sign-off and in-transit checking.

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..and remember, for larger loads, whether straight from the production line or consolidated temperature-managed shipments, see the KTM Modular, a radical solution for cost-effective temperature-controlled distribution