KTM – KryoTrans Modular

The KryoTrans Modular, or KTM, is the first-temperature managed passive container that

  • Is fully size-configurable to meet your shipment size and temperature requirements – the container size fits your load so there is no wasted space and no excessive costs for smaller loads
  • Accepts EURO pallets and US pallets straight from the production line; from single EURO pallet to be shipped on a narrow-bodied aircraft, to double 48” pallets on a freighter aircraft or in a shipping container (up to 4740 litres of usable space), the modular construction gives the flexibility to match the packaging to your shipment volumes
  • Full-height, full-width access doors front and rear so that whether transporting pallets, or consolidating smaller shipments into one load, access to the load space does not restrict load size
  • Class-leading compliance, from -60ºC through to +30ºC; whatever temperature you need, the KTM can maintain it for a minimum of 120 hours
  • Totally passive – no additional power requirements necessary so you do not need to worry if there are delays, or that someone may forget to plug in a powered container to maintain the temperature
  • Volumetric weight is never more than the total weight of the container, ensuring cost-effective shipments (the external volume of the KTM32 is 3720 litres, which is 430 litres less the an RKN with roughly equivalent usable load space)
  • Uniform temperature throughout the KTM, meaning there are no warm-spots, cold-spots, or risks of freezing the load
  • Internal load space can be fully used; there is no requirement to leave space around the load for convective airflow to overcome warm or cold spots
  • Optimised for aircraft types including narrow bodied, wide bodied and freighter, the modular sizes fit aircraft cookie sheets for faster loading
  • Sizes designed to fit truck trailers and ocean containers
  • Integrated data logging – includes proximity sensor that records door openings and closings
  • Full ambient and load temperature download capability – integrates with audit trail and validates temperature compliance on deliver

The KTM is the solution for the future.

Click here to download the KTM specification sheet and contact us to discuss integrating the KTM in your logistics