TOWER’s range of KT containers is available for rental, to collect from any one of our Hubs, our Head Office facility or delivered to a location of your choice (such as to your logistics provider’s depot) at a time to suit you

Our rental options are as flexible as you need, from priority rental for urgent shipments through to our long-, medium- or short-term rental services, as One-Way or Two-Way, or with reverse logistics or back-to-base options. You can opt for a container conditioned and ready for use, or one supplied for conditioning locally

  • Long-Term RentalMany companies are looking for a convenient, cost-effective, easily-managed solution for cold-chain packaging and TOWER’s long-term rental option meets these exacting needs, where containers are rented and available for you to condition and use as requiredWe provide full on-site training, technical support and customer service for all our long-term rental clients to ensure that utilisation is maximized and the minimum number of containers is employed
  • Short-Term RentalSome of our clients need containers less frequently and opt for TOWER’s short-term rental service. This means they can book a container conditioned to their needs, to suit the load, for a minimum term at short notice.One-Way short-term rental is designed for customers who prefer to rent the container from one depot/country and return to another depot/country, whereas our Two-Way rental suits those who prefer to return the container to its original place of hire

Priority Rental

TOWER’s priority rental service is designed for maximum flexibility with minimum advance notice. Containers can be supplied conditioned or unconditioned from any of our Hubs with minimum delay. This means you can reply on TOWER to meet your urgent shipment needs

Whether you need a container for three years or three days, TOWER has a rental option that will meet your needs from a Hub location that is conveniently located. Contact us to discuss