Just-In-Time Delivery

Your KT Just-In-Time service delivers the container you need, when you need it, conditioned ready for use, just in time for it to be packed.

This means less man-hours building boxes, accurate conditioning, faster packing, less space taken in production, less administration, faster turn-around times and higher resource utilization: your process is unbroken and continues to flow

With no reason for cool-pack conditioning equipment, no packaging inventory required and no forced short-runs in production due to shortages of packaging, warehouse space is maximized for your operation, no delays are encountered and smooth processes are ensured

Throughout Europe and the USA, containers will be delivered same day or overnight, and the integrated KryoLogger means containers can be approved for use on receipt

Alternatively use our port-to-port service that allows you to collect throughout Europe from any major city

To find out more about our Just-In-Time service, send your enquiry to us