Technical Assistance

TOWER’s experienced team has managed many thousands of successful shipments using KT containers, and uses the data collected over those thousands of shipments to fine tune the service that is provided every day. Because the built-in KryoLogger data logger collects both load and ambient temperatures this gives the TOWER team a unique level of insight into the actual challenges posed within today’s cold chain

This means that the team is able to provide a high level of technical assistance on all aspects of using KT containers, from predicting how they will behave in given ambient conditions to determining the most cost-effective way of packing and shipping a consignment

TOWER’s team offers a service designing and sourcing bespoke packaging and routinely works in close collaboration with both pharma company and logistics provider to ensure that KT containers are used in a way that provides maximal product protection at the minimum cost

To find out more about our technical assistance, send your enquiry to us