KryoTrans® are passive shipment containers that offer thermal protection and a sustainable supply chain

Our industry faces three major challenges when it comes to the temperature-controlled supply chain:

  1. Adhering to the stringent regulatory requirements
  2. Ensuring an end-to-end audit trail to prove compliance
  3. Managing your total cost of shipping (view the recent white paper for a full insight)

The KryoTrans range has been developed with your challenges in mind and provides a cost-effective, compliant and robust temperature-controlled shipping solution.

KryoTrans containers are split into two categories:

KTM Range

For larger loads, whether straight from the production line or consolidated temperature-managed shipments, the KTM Modular is a radical solution for cost-effective temperature-controlled distribution.


KT Range

Qualified for use at -20ºC, +5ºC or +20ºC using phase-change materials, and below -40ºC using dry ice, there is a KT container to suit every application. All KT containers feature the built-in KryoLogger that provides a full audit trail as well as at-a-glance sign-off and in-transit checking.

Full details about the KryoTrans range are also available here:

KryoTrans Range Brochure