TOWER Cold Chain Solutions and DHL collaborate to create a global repositioning service for TOWER’s range of KryoTrans containers

By February 12, 2016Tower

READING, UK Feb. 12, 2016 – TOWER Cold Chain Solutions and DHL, a global market leader in logistics, have formed a long-term partnership to provide a new repositioning service for KryoTrans® passive containers, resulting in a complete supply chain and improving supply chain sustainability

TOWER Cold Chain Solutions announces the launch of a new service in collaboration with DHL,offering customers reverse logistics support for KryoTrans® containers worldwide. The service provides the life-science supply chain industry with a temperature-controlled solution that exceeds sustainability requirements and offers optimum operational efficiency.

About the repositioning service:
• One-way rental: hub-to-door
• Simple and competitive pricing; serviced from TOWER hubs to any key DHL gateway locations around the world
• Containers conditioned and ready for immediate use
• Local collection from gateways
• Gives the ability to end the rental early and increase cost efficiency

TOWER Cold Chain Solutions and DHL have formed a long-term partnership based on the mutual objectives of sustainability and supply-chain efficiency. This new partnership provides a closed-loop supply-chain offering customers flexibility in both collection and drop-off locations. This minimises the container rental period whilst managing cost efficiency of the logistics solution.

Chris Pollard, TOWER Cold Chain Solutions’ CEO, commented “As the use of KryoTrans® containers grows, so we have been challenged by customers to support destinations outside TOWER’s regular hub network, to provide a return logistics capability supporting our cold-chain solutions. Now, I’m delighted to say, we have a DHL service that allows customers to take KryoTrans containers into key destinations worldwide without having to worry about getting them back to a hub”.

“The introduction of the new KryoTrans® range of KTM modular pallet shippers 18 months ago has brought with it the opportunity to leverage their toughness and powerful temperature compliance in a very wide range of locations. As such, this service now allows TOWER to support its customers in all those places. I am particularly happy to say that the service will support destinations such as the GCC countries, North and South America, and AsiaPac, all places where our customers want to employ KryoTrans® containers”.

About TOWER Cold Chain Solutions

TOWER Cold Chain Solutions provides a rental infrastructure to support the global use of KryoTrans® containers, with five hubs adding to the flexibility of the service. TOWER is based in Theale, in the UK, 30 minutes west of London Heathrow, its UK hub; other hubs are situated in San Francisco; New York; Amsterdam; Brussels and Frankfurt and these facilities link into TOWER’s repositioning service, a DHL-operated global system.