TOWER Cold Chain Solutions Launch New White Paper: Total Cost of Shipping

By April 6, 2016Tower

READING, UK Apr. 06, 2016 – TOWER Cold Chain Solutions develop and publish white paper discussing the components that make up the true cost of shipping. By taking a holistic view the paper illustrates how to reduce total cost and maximise operational inefficiencies. The white paper was launched at the Temperature Controlled Logistics Forum in Frankfurt

The total cost of shipping temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical goods is routinely calculated as packaging plus freight, but this is a misconception with many other related and often overlooked factors within the overall supply-chain contributing to the true total cost.

Accurately assessing total shipping costs provides a transparent view of these costs, offering the potential for cost saving measures and operational efficiencies.

The white paper was developed and authored by Richard Peck, Head of Product Management at TOWER Cold Chain Solutions, and is born of many years’ experience in the temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and logistics industry and Richard’s belief that the real cost of shipping is a frequently misunderstood concept.

A total of ten factors are outlined in the white paper as contributing factors to the total cost ofshipping, including storage, preparation and qualification of the temperature controlled packaging in use.

The white paper was launched at the Temperature Controlled Logistics Forum in Frankfurt on 26th January 2016. It is one of the industry’s leading events for temperature-controlled logistics and supply-chain specialists for the life-sciences industry.

Richard Peck said “I have been involved with temperature-controlled packaging for many years, first as an end-user and also as a supplier.  It has always been my personal challenge to find and develop solutions that meet the needs of the market, in terms of performance, cost and quality.  This can only be achieved by understanding the true cost of shipping”.

TOWER Cold Chain Solutions’ passive thermal containers, the KryoTrans® range, provide a solution to reduce total cost of shipping. The KryoTrans® range is not only flexible but extremely robust and based on a passive system that effectively eliminates any risk of human error once conditioned to the required temperature.

You can download the Total Cost of Shipping white paper here 

About TOWER Cold Chain Solutions

TOWER provides a rental infrastructure to support the global use of KryoTrans® containers, with five hubs adding to the flexibility of the service. TOWER is based in Theale, in the UK, 30 minutes west of London Heathrow, its UK hub; other hubs are situated in San Francisco; New York; Amsterdam; Brussels and Frankfurt and these facilities link into TOWER’s repositioning service, a DHL-operated global system