What is Purchasing?

Purchasing is the new way to secure your own temperature controlled boxes for your airline.

Purchasing allows you to have full control on availability, with no rental, and no change over in between journeys.

You buy. We supply!


Why Purchase?

  • Use at your own availability with no rental return
  • Full control for the purpose of its usage
  • Freedom to take on all transportation
  • Keep products fresher for longer with no change over
  • Flexibility of purchase options


How does it work?

Step by step purchasing system

Head over to the purchasing options page and follow step by step instructions

    1. Brows the selection of AIB on sale
    2. Select your chosen product and price
    3. Click ‘submit’
    4. Quotation will be sent over to our team to take payment


Note: Paying with card online is not available as of yet

Plate purchasing is also available for both AIB 4 and AIB 7

A message on the screen will confirm you have sent off your order form and quotation has been sent to our team who will take payment from you directly

Please expect a hassle-free purchase with the choice of collection at your chosen location to take place between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday

Alternatively delivery to your location

Collection will take place same day if placed before 11:00am. If the units are scanned after 11:00am, collection will be arranged for the next working day.