One container, two countries, two loads, total compliance

A Clinical Trials Services (CTS) provider needed to move refrigerated drugs at a managed temperature of +2˚C to +8˚C from two different sites in Europe to a UK site. TOWER recommended the KT400R-S

Day 1: The container was configured and moved from TOWER’s UK hub, by express overnight road service, to the first site in Southern Germany.

Day 2: The product was packed into the bottom half of the container and collected the same day. A 48hr-express road service delivered the KT400R-S to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Day 4: The remainder of the product was packed into the upper half of the container and then shipped by an express overnight road service back to the UK.

Day 5: On delivery to the CTS company, the data was downloaded from the built-in KryoLogger data recorder, this showed that the temperature had remained in compliance throughout the movement and therefore the drug could be approved and moved from the container to the fridge ready for use.

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