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intellectual property offce


Dr John Pring, a regulatory scientist for the UK government, launches Kryotrans Ltd, and obtains a patent for ‘a reusable plastic container with a datalogger on its outer wall’.



First products launched, and EU grant obtained to help development of KT26, a product focused on movements of clinical trials materials.



KT70 is introduced.

Kryotrans logo


Recapitalization project leads to re-launch of company as KryoTrans International Ltd.



Tower flexi-fit KT400 launched, and with it the pioneering use of phase-change materials to generate class-leading compliance times, allied to simple repeatability and reliability.

san francisco


Tower (standing for The One-Way Easy Rental) is launched as a product supporting the new rental market for KryoTrans products.

First overseas hub opened in San Francisco.

original Tower logo


Tower becomes the parent company as rental business flourishes.

Tower Airline insulated box AIB57


Tower develops Airline Ice Box container for DHL and British Airways, supporting catering services across Europe with a reusable and rugged container capable of keeping fresh foods at +5 for 24 hours.



KTM modular pallet-sized shipper introduced, allowing Tower to address the market for large-format shipments of finished pharmaceuticals.

investec logo


Investec announces major initiative to invest in Tower’s growth.

Tower rents containers to the pharmaceutical industry that are used to transport products that need temperature control.

When John Pring, our founder, filed his original patent – for a reusable container with a datalogger in its outer wall – back in 2000, he was flying in the face of orthodox approaches to transporting temperature-sensitive medi-science materials.

Pring had been working as a regulatory scientist for the UK government, a position from which he was able to observe the development of four significant trends:

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Just Arne Storvik


Tor Erland Fyksen
Tor Erland Fyksen


Niall Balfour
Niall Balfour


Chris Pollard
Chris Pollard

Non Exec Director

Dr Debra Ainge
Dr Debra Ainge

Non Exec Director

Mark Parson FCILT
Mark Parsons FCILT

Non Exec Director

Senior Leadership

Martin Hawes

Global Head of Product Development

Spencer Hill Chief Financial officer
Spencer Hill

Chief Financial Officer

Natalie Robinson Global head of operations
Natalie Robinson

Global Head of Operations

Gwyn Slee

Global Head of Digital Transformation

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