An easy cost-effective catering insulated solution

Tower temperature-controlled insulated catering boxes simplify your supply chain by removing the need to create dedicated networks at each station.

A simplified supply chain using our thermal insulated food containers offers both an environmental and cost-effective catering solution. Removing the need to use dry ice provides a safer catering operation whilst maintaining food safety requirements. The longevity of Tower’s insulated catering solutions enables you to provide return catering opportunities and multiple leg flights with a single catering uplift.

Access to a global network means greater availability and flexibility for airline, rail customers and catering companies to lease insulated food containers to keep their food chilled at <+8°C for 24 hours.

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24-hour product protection

Tower’s Airline Insulated Boxes (AIB) catering boxes maintain the temperature of food at <+8°C for 24 hours. Built with stainless steel, 6000 series aircraft aluminum and Fumed silica/carbon vacuum insulation panels they stand up to the rigors of daily airline catering operations.  Using high energy density phase-change technology (food grade) our temperature-controlled catering boxes offer complete flexibility of use, maintain consistent temperature and require no external power nor human intervention throughout flight.

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Return catering opportunities

Using Phase Change Material (PCM) technology removes the need for dry ice and eliminates any health and safety concerns. Provides flexibility for airlines operating multiple leg flights or return catering opportunities with a single catering uplift. This allows airlines to reduce the need for dedicated supply chain networks at each station, reduces food wastage, gives customers more choice and allows catering to be uplifted from base for short-haul routes.

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100% reusable catering boxes

Extremely durable to withstand the rigors of airline catering operations and fully washable in the catering tunnel washing machine. The Phase Change Material (PCM) cooling panels are simple to refreeze and insert into the Airline Insulated Boxes (AIB) providing a fully configured unit in minutes. Tower’s AIB provide a reusable, cost-effective solution, long lease solution that contributes to customers’ circular supply-chain ambition. Units are made of 100% fully recyclable materials.


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Delivering value through customer-focused innovation

Tower incorporates innovation through design to meet food safety Standards and the regulatory demands of the food supply chain. Our patented design technology meets the requirements of our customers to be compatible with an Atlas half and full cart and exceeds the temperature-control demands of the food industry by providing a 24-hours protection.

Our expert teams work closely with our customers, realising their requirements and how we can address emerging needs. Tower collaborates with stakeholders to identify challenges across a global supply chain and to deliver customer-focused innovation so don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Tower Cold Chain is the essential link in the stability of your cold chain. Our innovative containers and dedicated customer services maintain the cold chain, preventing shipments being spoiled or delayed, and delivering temperature sensitive products to patients on time and budget.

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