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A sustainable goal for a healthier future

Based on our core values, and as a leader in temperature-controlled pharmaceutical packaging, Tower Cold Chain recognise the importance of the environment, and of social and economic factors, in delivering our long-term success.

We have the strong conviction that by manufacturing and providing our customers with robust, reliable, and reusable temperature-controlled packaging we can significantly contribute to a safer and better environment.

Our CSR strategy revolves around six major axes: product circularity, diversity equality and inclusion, carbon-offsetting, sustainable energy, support of local communities, and sustainable procurement. In every aspect of our business, we are committed to empowering our employees, promoting the best health and safety practices, protecting the environment and maintaining exemplary ethical standards.

Our sustainability journey

As a company we aim to develop products and people, work practices and values that create a better environment for all.

We aim to be carbon neutral by 2030 to support our customer’s sustainability strategies and are taking steps in respect of human rights, corruption, data protection and general environmental issues.

Our commitment to sustainability is inherent in all that we do and aims to support our customers’ ambitious sustainability goals. As such, we are dedicated to the sustainable development of products and technology that reduces the impact of logistics activities. See our environmental and sustainability policy statement here.

Here are just a few milestones we have achieved since we started our journey toward sustainability since 2020.

Our accreditations

  • ISO 14001 – Environmental management system
  • Ecovadis awards


Our Goals

Our journey to a zero-carbon future comes with a commitment to our customers by offering solutions that reduce CO2 emissions in their supply chains. Our strategy, includes the amelioration of the reusability, repairability, and circularity of our containers, helps the industry advance the circular economy.

Our key focus when developing new products are:

  • Weight reduction (while maximising payloads) and
  • Product circularity

As a member of Ecovadis we can easily assess the environmental and social performance of our suppliers and ensure our partners are aligned with Tower’s CSR objectives.

We believe that we can help build a sustainable supply chain through our partnerships and collaboration with our suppliers and customers.

We reduce our internal energy consumption and overall carbon footprint by focusing on using renewable, zero-emission energy sources when possible.

We carefully measure our Tower’s carbon footprint, using metrics in order to off-set the emissions that are within our control, such as Product footprint, Organisation footprint, and Supply and value chain footprint. By doing so we ensure we aligne to GHG Protocol Product Standard, PAS 2050 or ISO 14067, the GHG Protocol Organisational Footprint Standard and the GHG Protocol Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard.

As a global organisation, Tower’s business activities are conducted to the highest moral and ethical standards. Integrity is at the centre of everything we do, making us a reliable and trustworthy business partner to work for and work with.

We value diversity and provide a creative working environment where everyone has an equal opportunity for success.

We are committed to providing Equal Opportunities for all and promoting equality of opportunity in all aspects of employment, including recruitment, the provision of training and career development opportunities.

We believe that we have a role to play in bringing people and communities all over the world closer that’s why we take care of our local communities by volunteering and supporting community projects.