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What is Click and Collect?

Click and collect is the way forward when returning our fully reusable KTEvolution range

Click and Collect allows you to return within the same day or next working day your KTEvolution units by simply scanning the QR code on the unit.

You scan. We collect!


Why use click and collect?

  • Reduce waste and your CO2 emission with a fully circular reusable ‘parcel size’ shipping system
  • No need for storage
  • Easy return logistic control
  • Hassle-free collection at your chosen location
  • Enhance your customer experience


How does it work?

Step by step collection at your chosen location

When you need the KTEvolution to be collected scan QR code on front of the unit to start the easy return process

    1. Confirm containers you would like to return
    2. Select “Terminate rental & activate return collection
    3. Click ‘submit’
    4. Stick return labels (return label in located in the document wallet) on the unit

Note: If you have lost the return label after scanning select the reprint option

A message on the screen will confirm you have started your return and that your lease time has ended. A tracking number will be provided to allow you to track pick up status.

Please expect a hassle-free collection at your chosen location to take place between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

If you scan for collection prior to 11:00am, collection will take place same day. If the units are scanned after 11:00am, collection will be arranged for the next working day.


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