Eliminate complexity for your handling agents and teams

Tower’s cold chain shipping containers integrate with our customers’ airside processes and, thanks to their ease of use, eliminate complexity for your handling agents and teams. Our local teams understand the time sensitivity and flexibility required to meet your customer’s air cargo needs. Our global network means greater availability and flexibility for airline customers to lease our cold chain shipping containers.

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Ensuring product integrity for your patients

Tower delivers Passive temperature-controlled containers for pharmaceutical and life science products. Our containers are designed to perform in all supply chains, regardless of the transport type or environment. The innovative internal and external structural design of our containers means your products will be transported without the need for in-transit manual intervention.

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Delivering pharmaceuticals to patients when and how they need them

Data downloaded from over 15,000 shipments has demonstrated fewer than 0.1% temperature excursions on average, a vital indicator in the maintenance of the cold chain. We achieve this by providing a reusable container that delivers the correct performance for every shipment. Our team focuses on delivering a consistent customer outcome whatever the location.

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Efficient and effective results for our global customers

All players in the cold chain have a role to play in sustainability. We see ours as providing a reusable, cost-effective, solution that contributes to customers’ circular supply-chain ambition. Customers value our long-term lease containers and supply-chain flexibility.


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kt400 Passive temperature-controlled containers on van
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KTM42D with dry ice

Data logger

Data loggers are built into all Tower passive temperature-controlled containers, logging internal temperatures from -95°C (-139°F) up to 50°C (122°F). Users can get text or email notification of temperature excursions, as well as automatic data downloads throughout the transit (in-flight excluded) from loggers within range of the CX Gateway device. The loggers are built to FDA, USP, EU and WHO standards.

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Delivering value through customer-focused innovation

Tower incorporates innovation through design to meet the regulatory demands of the pharmaceutical supply chain. Our patented design technology meets the GDP requirements of our customers and exceeds the temperature-control demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

Our expert teams work closely with our customers, realising their requirements and how we can address emerging needs. Tower collaborates with stakeholders to identify challenges across a supply chain and to deliver customer-focused innovation.

Tower for airline catering

Tower’s Airline Insulated Boxes (AIB) are a fully reusable aviation catering box providing 24-hour product protection, maintaining the temperature of food at +2°C to +8°C . Using phase-change technology it offers complete flexibility of use and requires no external power nor human intervention when operating within your supply chain.

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Tower airline insulated boxes AIB4 and AIB7

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