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Proven results to meet supply chain requirements

Tower’s expert team, supported by a centralised quality-management system, reinforces customer confidence that our shipping facilities will meet requirements throughout the supply chain. All our solutions meet the pharmaceutical industry performance standard, providing a minimum of 120 hours temperature compliance in any environment, anywhere in the world. Performance data demonstrates fewer than 0.1% temperature excursions.

We are focused on the supply of temperature-controlled solutions to the global pharmaceutical and life-science industries. Our team works to guarantee compliance with all pharmaceutical regulations within all market geographies.

Delivering value through customer-focused innovation

Tower incorporates innovation through design to meet the regulatory demands of the pharmaceutical supply chain. Our patented design technology meets the GDP requirements of our customers and exceeds the temperature-control demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

Our expert teams work closely with our customers, realising their requirements and how we can address emerging needs. Tower collaborates with stakeholders to identify challenges across a supply chain and to deliver customer-focused innovation.


Delivery where and when your business needs it

Our global network uses common processes and standards to deliver consistency for our customers. You will have access to the complete Tower range with a local team of experts to understand specific customer needs. This means we can deliver where and when required.


Tower Cold Chain recognises the role it plays in working with its stakeholders to move from a linear supply chain to a circular one – providing a solution that supports a mutual ambition of waste reduction through reusability, keeping containers in use for longer, and reducing the need for disposal and recycling of temperature-controlled packaging. A circular solution is a key principle applied to both Tower’s products and global hub network: this is good for Tower, its stakeholders and good for the environment.

The container reuse cycle is largely customer supply-chain dependant, Tower provides both short- and long-term lease solutions to its customers. On receipt at one of the global hubs all containers are inspected for repair prior to being conditioned and despatched back into the customer’s supply chain. This circular approach prioritises reuse before manufacture of new containers and ensures Tower’s responsible use of resources.

Tower continues to work with all stakeholders to increase the proportion of recycled and recovered materials used in the manufacture of its containers, alongside energy, water and waste reduction initiatives.

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