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    Tower Cold Chain is the essential link in the stability of the cold chain. Its innovative containers and customer services maintain the cold chain, preventing shipments being spoiled or delayed, and delivering temperature-sensitive products on time and budget.

    We provide temperature-controlled solutions to the global pharmaceutical and life science industries. We have been working with businesses since 2007 to safeguard products and we understand what our customers and their markets need to create value within their supply chain. It is our vision is to be the number-one cold-chain shipping facility of choice. By collaborating with our customers, we can transport products safely, whenever and wherever they are needed.

  • Robust, Reliable, Reusable

    Robust: Ensuring product integrity for your patients
    Tower delivers proven physical and temperature protection for pharmaceutical and life science products. Our containers are designed to perform in all supply chains, regardless of the transport type or environment. The innovative internal and external structural design of our containers means your products will be transported without the need for in-transit manual intervention.

    Reliable: Delivering pharmaceuticals to patients when and how they need them.
    Data downloaded from over 15,000 shipments has demonstrated fewer than 0.1% temperature excursions on average, a vital indicator in the maintenance of the cold chain. We achieve this by providing a reusable product that delivers the correct performance for every shipment. Our team focuses on delivering a consistent customer outcome whatever the location.

    Reusable: Efficient and effective results for our global customers
    All players in the cold chain have a role to play in sustainability. We see ours as providing a reusable, cost-effective solution that contributes to customers’ circular supply-chain ambition. Customers value our long-term lease containers and supply-chain flexibility.

  • Our Values


    We listen to our customers and have a passion for creating solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.


    We take ownership for consistent quality to our customers through the timely delivery of our commitments.


    We work as a team, with our customers to achieve our mutual goals. By working as one team, we can deliver exceptional outcomes.


    We recognise the importance of the environment, and social and economic factors, in delivering our ling term success.


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