Atlas Standard Box

Fits 1 per
Atlas Standard Box

Atlas Half Cart

Fits 3 per
Atlas Half Cart

Int. Payload

Fits 2 per
Atlas Half Cart

Wide bodied
Aircraft Equipment Compatibility


System Tare
System Tare

5.8 - 13kg

Int. Payload
Payload Volume

12.9 L– 26.6 L

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Solution overview

The Tower Advanced Insulated Box (AIB) enable airlines and train operators to carry food without compromising safety Standards, using dry ice or creating dedicated supply chain networks at each station. This provides return catering opportunities, reduces product loss and allows onboard catering to be uplifted from base for short-haul routes whilst still maintaining food safety requirements for up to 24 hours. Our onboard catering insulated box fit into standard Atlas airline/rail catering boxes and carts making it easy to integrate within your existing galley space.

Tower Cold Chain is committed to delivering proven physical and temperature protection for onboard catering and our robust, reliable and reusable Airline Insulated Boxes (AIB) are the essential link in the stability for food cold chain to prevent food spoilage and guarantee consumer safety.

We are working with more than 60 airlines/rail/catering companies worldwide, and our AIB catering boxes have been in service, successfully improving onboard passenger experience, since 2015.

Available to lease or purchase.

System Specifications

AIB4 AIB7 Phase Change Plate
Container Airline Insulated Box (4 runner) Airline Insulated Box (7 runner) Fits AIB4 and AIB7
Description ACE, ATLAS Standard ACE, ATLAS Standard PCM Plate
Aircraft/Rail Equipment Compatibility ACE, ATLAS Standard ACE, ATLAS Standard ACE, ATLAS Standard
Temperature Control <+ 8 for 24 hours <+ 8 for 24 hours <+ 8 for 24 hours
External Dims (mm) 380 x 270 x 234.5 380 x 270 x 414.5 207 x 23 x 337
Payload Dims (mm) 346 x 220 x 169.5 346 x 220 x 349.5 N/A
Weight 4.6kg 6.8kg

Evaluation Criteria

  • The Tower boxes enable airlines and train operators to carry food without compromising safety standards or creating dedicated supply chain networks at each station.
  • Provides return catering opportunities and possibilities for the closure of down route stations thus reducing costs.
  • Allows catering to be uplifted from base for short-haul routes where the uplift does not meet the airline food safety requirements.
  • Provides product consistency.
  • Our technology enables food to be stored for up to 24 hours within legal safety temperature requirements.
  • Our AIBs are made of a unique lightweight durable polymer material and are 100% reusable.
  • Eliminates the need for dry ice
  • Our AIBs fit into Atlas catering boxes and carts.
  • Drives food safety, integrity and innovation.
  • Reduces the cost of product loss.


Loading the AIB

Product facts:

  • They are extremely robust giving a longer routable life than other chilled solutions on the market.
  • Our boxes maintain food temperature <+8°C for 24 hours
  • Our boxes are a passive temperature-controlled packaging solution that has no mechanical parts that could fail or require complex maintenance.
  • No need for dry ice
  • 100% reusable
  • Using Phase Change Material (PCM), not water-based gel packs, they deliver constant and consistent results.
  • Our boxes are food graded or FDA “known safe”.
  • Our boxes provide a flexible supply chain solution
  • Class leading compliance and no requirement for human intervention during transit.
Product Testing
Product Testing:

Tower onboard catering insulated box containers are designed to be used all year round to all destinations using one packaging instruction – avoiding extra levels of complication and uncertainty within either validation or operational control.

Global Availability
Global Availability:

Tower’s global network operates common processes and standards delivering consistency for customers. The network offers customers access to the complete range of Tower’s products with a local team of experts available to understand specific customer needs: this ensures that Tower delivers, where and when needed.

Circular Solution
Circular Solution

Tower cold chain recognise the role we play in working with our stakeholders to move from a linear supply chain to a circular one – providing a solution that supports our mutual ambition of waste reduction through reusability keeping our containers in use for longer reducing the need for disposal and recycling of temperature controlled packaging.

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