20 container
20” container

Fits 3

40 container
40” container

Fits 7


Fits 7

Articulated Lorry
Articulated Lorry

Fits 8

Wide bodied
Wide bodied

Fits 16


2 EU Pallets

System Tare
System Tare




Int. Payload
Int. Payload

2153 Litres

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Solution overview

The KTM42D is a double-pallet ultra cold temperature-controlled packaging solution for the transportation and extended storage of products that require an internal temperature range of <-60˚C. Using 200kg of dry ice the KTM42D double-pallet ultra cold can transport two Euro pallets of product at <–60°C for more than 94 hours, and 227 (nine days) when stored in a (-20°C) freezer. The dry ice can be replenished during the operation of the system to extend it’s performance indefinitely when used for ultra-cold storage. The KTM42D’s data logger ensures door-to-door-compliant payloads with no human intervention throughout transit. Suitable for use with wide-bodied aircraft, reefers and all road-transport options.

System Specifications

KTM System Temp Range External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Tare Weight
KTM42D <-60°C L 1550mm x W 1950mm x H 1580mm L 1250mm x W 1640mm x H 1050mm 617kg

Evaluation Criteria

  • Fewer than 0.1% temperature excursions on average (data supported from over 15,000 shipments)
  • Easy load and unload process through double door access
  • No external power or human intervention required during transportation
  • Integrated blue tooth data logger (RTCA DO 160G Part 21 H Compliant)
  • Operational Qualification completed to customer loading and shipping specification.
  • Global Qualification with near zero thermal mass which stress the containers far more than step tests, reducing associated documentation by half.
  • The KTM42D ultra-cold double pallet is a fully reusable circular supply chain solution.
  • Easy and quick reconfigure for subsequent shipments.
  • Global availability through our global hub network within 24 hours or less.
  • Global assurance, used by a wide range of pharmaceutical companies organisations.
  • Product is held at temperatures less than <-60°C for 94 hours (4 days)
  • Turns all existing infrastructure (-20°C) freezers into under <-60°C deep-freeze units with hugely-reduced running costs, reliability and industry-standard health and safety.
  • When stored in a (-20°C) freezer unit the KTM42D maintains <–60°C for over nine days and can be replenished with dry ice in under five minutes, providing unlimited deep freeze time.
  • Provides the largest single industry shipment (two Euro pallets) within airline dry-ice limitation (250kg per container) whilst maintaining <–60°C for over 94 hours.
  • Under five-minute load-and-reload time allows minimal human contact with dry-ice. Industry-leading health and safety working conditions maintained throughout.
  • Temperature is consistent throughout the payload so no temp differentiation in container.
  • Allows remote locations and lorry reefers with freezer capabilities to have deep-freeze capabilities.
  • Allows for multiple units to be maintained within -20°C freezers with limited unskilled workforce.
  • Product can be held at temperatures under <-60°C for an unlimited time if dry-ice is consistently replenished.
  • Product is held at temperatures under <-60°C for 227 hours (9 days) when transported in under -15°C – under 25°C temperature.
  • Unique easy lock-and-load process, part product can be removed from the container without undue issues or affecting internal temperature.


KTM42D Tower Double Euro Pallet Ultra Cold

The KTM42D Tower Double Euro Pallet Ultra Cold is ideally suited for the transportation of:

Life Science Products:

  • All vaccines, including C19 vaccines and ABIs
  • API & diagnostic kits
  • Biopharmaceutical solutions
  • Diagnostics specimen samples
  • Cell lines bacteria
  • Micro organisms
  • Proteins and other samples and solutions
  • Clinical trial kits
  • Any other product requiring a stable temperature environment for transportation
KTM42D with dry ice
Data Logger
Data Logger

Data loggers are built into all KTM42 Double-Pallet Ultra Cold containers, logging internal temperatures from -95°C (-139°F) up to 50°C (122°F). Users can get text or email notification of temperature excursions, as well as automatic data downloads throughout the transit (in-flight excluded) from loggers within range of the CX Gateway device. The loggers are built to FDA, USP, EU and WHO standards.

Product Testing
Product Testing

KTM42 Double-Pallet Ultra Cold containers are designed to be used all year round to all destinations using one packaging instruction – avoiding extra levels of complication and uncertainty within either validation or operational control.

Global Availability
Global Availability

Tower’s global network operates common processes and standards delivering consistency for customers. The network offers customers access to the complete range of Tower’s products with a local team of experts available to understand specific customer needs: this ensures that Tower delivers, where and when needed.

Circular Solution
Circular Solution

Tower cold chain recognise the role we play in working with our stakeholders to move from a linear supply chain to a circular one – providing a solution that supports our mutual ambition of waste reduction through reusability keeping our containers in use for longer reducing the need for disposal and recycling of temperature controlled packaging.

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