A robust, reliable and reusable pharma supply chain – Whatever the shipment size

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It goes without saying that the pharmaceutical industry has some of the most stringent supply chain requirements of any market. Not only do many biopharmaceuticals require temperature-controlled preservation throughout their journey from manufacturer to patient, but there is growing demand for tangible sustainability, traceability and digitalisation, and mounting regulation to provide a clear, consistent framework for excellence.

Add to this the need to maintain these standards when customers require cold chain solutions ranging from mass shipments to small batches – for example, for clinical trials – and the challenge becomes considerably harder. Manufacturers need partners they can trust, whatever the shipment size.

At the core of any pharmaceutical cold chain solution, sit three key factors. Containers must be able to withstand the rigours of international travel, across land, sea and air. They must prove a consistent internal environment with no temperature excursions. And, increasingly, they need to demonstrate their sustainability credentials to minimise environmental impact.

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Authored by Niall Balfour CEO at Tower Cold Chain


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