Reduced lease rate on temperature-controlled containers out of Shanghai and Singapore

Great ‘fixed’ rental rates on the KTM42 double EU pallet container and the KTM32 single US pallet out of Shanghai and Singapore to Europe or North America*.

Your benefits:

  • Fixed reduced costs with our dynamic cost initiative
  • Enjoy the usual 120 hours passive temperature-controlled protection with zero intervention
  • Containers available for immediate use
  • Multiple routes and destination hubs to choose from
  • Container can be returned to any local European/American hub

Make your first booking before 30th September 2022 and benefit from an exclusive fixed-rate until 30th September 2023

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    Terms & conditions:
    Offer  subject to stock availability at the dispatch hub. Dynamic pricing is applicable on KTM42R-S and KTM32R-S (+2˚C to +8˚C) temperature-controlled container rentals exclusively from our Shanghai/Singapore hubs to Europe/North America. Cost includes 7-day rental, Conditioning, Exporter of Record (if applicable), Dispatch & Receipt fees, and a temperature insight report.