Benefits of Circular Supply Chain

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circular supply chain

A circular supply chain is one which prioritises environmental sustainability over profitability. Better still, a circular supply chain is also an efficient way of doing business because it increases a business’ reputation and demonstrates integrity in its mission.

Here at Tower Cold Chain, we have been passionately pioneering a circular supply chain for many years. Our range of cold chain solutions are endlessly reusable, protecting your valued shipments, reducing your carbon footprint and still guaranteeing that the highest quality standards are maintained. 

Why our circular supply chain benefits your business

Whether you are in the pharmaceutical industry or delivering in-flight catering, the need to deliver a solution that maintains your products at the correct temperature for the total duration of the transit is essential for quality control purposes. It can be the difference between an effective vaccine and a seriously ill person. It can be the difference between a joyful memory of a flight to visit family overseas, or a terrible memory of a disastrous in-flight food service. 

Our innovative cold chain solutions can improve your business’ reputation, not only as an organisation that cares about its impact on the planet, but one that prioritises the needs of its customers. 

Our logistics network is global, meaning that wherever you or your customers are located, we can help you to meet their needs without increasing your carbon footprint. Wherever you are in the world, Tower Cold Chain can integrate with your existing supply chain, bolstering and strengthening it, and providing flexible solutions that deliver peace of mind.

Our cold chain solutions are not only technologically advanced, but they are also simple to operate. Integrated data loggers continually monitor and record the internal temperature of our cold chain products to ensure that your temperature parameters are not breached, and with our 99.9% success rate, you can be sure that your temperature-controlled shipment will arrive at its destination in the same perfect condition that it was in when it left your premises. 

Finally, our cold chain solutions can help you with cost control. Traditional logistics solutions are costly, both in terms of their financial outlay and their environmental impact. Because our cold chain solutions are reusable, cleaned and quality assured prior to every use, you will benefit from reduced costs in renting our solutions rather than purchasing your own. Additionally, you will not need to dispose of waste packaging and will benefit from demonstrably lower carbon emissions.

In conclusion

There are many benefits to embracing a circular supply chain in order to address your cost control, reputation and quality management concerns. Tower Cold Chain are specialists in this area, with a global logistics network and a range of solutions to satisfy your most demanding requirements. To find out more or to get a quote, tailored to your specific needs, please contact our team today.