Choosing the Right Insulated Boxes for Your Onboard Catering

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AIB Airline insulated boxes


The worst time to discover that your onboard catering is not to standard is when you are in the air and unable to rectify the situation. At Tower Cold Chain, we recognise the critical importance of the quality of onboard catering in maintaining customer satisfaction and brand reputation. Our global network ensures that our airline customers benefit from our experience and bespoke cold chain solutions wherever they are in the world and whenever they need our support.


Benefits of Tower Cold Chain Onboard Catering Solutions

Our range of onboard catering insulated food boxes are an endlessly reusable solution, maintaining the internal temperature at your desired specification for 24 hours without requiring a power supply or any human intervention. This flexible system ensures that food remains chilled or frozen at the correct temperature, thereby remaining safe to eat and protecting your customers from the harmful effects of food poisoning.

Our range of insulated boxes are specifically designed for airline use and their external dimensions ensure that they fit into a standard airline Atlas cart for ease of transfer throughout the aircraft.

Our insulated boxes are ruggedly constructed with a hard double layer outer shell and sustainable panels, ensuring that the lifetime of the container is extended for as long as possible. This reduces its environmental impact and promotes the sustainability credentials of your airline.


Choosing The Right Solution For Your Onboard Catering

The Tower Advanced Insulated Box (AIB) is available in a choice of two sizes. 

The AIB4 has external dimensions of 380mm x 270mm x 234.5mm and weighs 4.6kg. This unit fits precisely into an Atlas Standard Box or three AIB4s can be accommodated with an Atlas Half Cart.

The AIB7 has external dimensions of 380mm x 270mm x 414.5mm and weighs 6.8kg. Two AIB7s will be accommodated within an Atlas Half Cart.

Both the AIB4 and the AIB7 are FDA approved as food safe and do not require dry ice to maintain their temperatures. This means that they are safe to use within an aircraft environment, posing no risk to the operators or consumers of the food products that are stored within.

The Advanced Insulated Boxes are developed using innovative Phase Change Material technology that eliminates the need for human intervention in maintaining their temperature, even on long haul or return flights. Therefore, whichever solution is readily accommodated within your particular fleet, our products will satisfy the need to maintain onboard food and drinks at the appropriate temperature to guarantee that freshness and quality standards are upheld.


In conclusion

Tower Cold Chain’s AIBs are specifically designed for the aviation industry to satisfy the most challenging of catering requirements. To request an AIB Qualification report or for more information, please contact us today.