How Design Simplicity Has Answered a Global Issue for Pharma, 3PL Companies and Their Logistics Partners

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How Design Simplicity Has Answered a Global Issue for Pharma, 3PL Companies and Their Logistics Partners

Transporting high-value pharmaceutical products at <-60°C for over 120 hours has seemed like the holy grail for Pharma and life science companies for many years but TOWERs deep-frozen solution has solved the issue

In today’s high-demand global pharma industry where clinical trial products, diagnostic testing kits, vaccines, APIs and other medical devices are required to reach their destination frozen and, just as critically, not physically damaged, TOWER’s KT400D-60 seems to have hit all the right spots

Not only is it fully reusable and has suffered zero excursions, but its unique and customized pack-out has ensured products transported within the KT400D-60 arrive safely and in full compliance across the globe

This packaging was created to solve an issue for a leading global biotechnology company who needed to create and produce a cold-chain solution to meet the unique temperature compliance need of its biological oncology product. The packaging had to maintain the product temperature between -80°C and -60°C for 120 hours with an ambient temperature of +30°C

The supply chain was highly complex with the client requiring the expertise of several CMOs across different continents with the assurance of control of their supply chain from API to finished product

Since then the packaging has caused quite a stir with many leading companies now using the KT400D-60 routinely to ship a range of high-value temperature-sensitive products, including vaccines, across the globe

The solution employs a unique and customized pack-out employing dry-ice technology combining the robust tough outer skin and all solutions benefit from a built-in data-logger, if required. The KT400D-60 can be pre-conditioned for use by clients allowing a simple load, lock, and delivery process or sourced without dry-ice to allow customer self-management to maximize compliance time.

This market-leading solution is 100% reusable and with its robust primary packaging is capable of withstanding both extreme temperatures and the rigours of a multifaceted global supply chain

“This unique deep-frozen solution has allowed many innovative vaccines, APIs, diagnostic testing kits and medical devices to be transported safely at sub -600C temperatures whilst maintaining both temperature compliance and product integrity regardless of where in the world they are needed to be delivered”
Niall Balfour, CEO

For more information and the data sheet go to:
Or to read the case study of how the KT400D-60 was created:


“From a small initial request to TOWER for help with our dry ice shipments ten years ago, the KT400 units have become part of Pharmafreight’s every-day lives, offering it to our manufacturing and R&D clients to move their frozen products globally, reassured by the units’ robust performance, massively reducing the risks associated with shipping such valuable material. We now have whole supply and manufacturing chains built on their existence, and it still feels the solution is as current and well designed as it was a decade ago.”
Andy Hughes Commercial Director, Pharmafreight



  • The KT400D-60 can be pre-conditioned and pre-configured ready for shipment
  • Under 60 seconds product load time creates minimal exposure to dry-ice and no stress to product during loading
  • 120+ hours consistent -80°C to -60°C air temperature is created throughout the payload
  • The product is suspended during transit reducing risk of breakages
  • Prevents breakages caused by temperature inconsistencies within the container
  • Load space is consistent throughout transportation
  • Fully reusable container and recyclable internal structure


Already trusted by over 30 of the world’s leading pharma and 3PL providers the KT400D-60 provides <-60˚C deep-frozen transport for their valuable and highly sensitive products

“We moved a consignment of over 400,000 embryonic cells (10 years of irreplaceable research) from the UK to China, using 8 KT400-D (-80˚C / Dry Ice) containers – the temperature remained below -60˚C for the entire duration of the transit. As a specialist logistics provider, we can highly recommend their containers.”
Don Riach, Director, UK Operations, Biocair International

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