How increasing pharma demand is driving up air cargo performance standards

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Tower specialises in delivering physical and temperature protection anywhere in the world for pharma and life-science products with an inventory of “robust, reliable, and reusable containers” which are now the essential link in the stability of the cold chain.

Built into all of Tower’s containers are datalogging devices that monitor external and internal temperatures throughout the container’s journey. Using Bluetooth low energy technology, each logger communicates wirelessly, sending accurate data to the cloud. This allows for in-transit compliance checks and on-delivery sign-off, providing a complete electronic and hard-copy audit trail across the logistics process with complete visibility and transparency for customers, the company says.

Passive temperature-controlled containers are growing in popularity as a sustainable method for all types of medical logistics. They offer a compelling proposition, simply because they have contingency built in, whilst providing 120+ hour product protection.

“The pandemic accelerated the need for lean supply chains to ensure the fast and secure delivery of vaccines globally,” points out Suzanne Hagley, the company’s air cargo business development manager. “This coupled with disrupted manufacturing lead times, labour shortages and restrictions, has caused many enterprises to quickly adopt supply chain strategies to enable them to become more resilient, sustainable and collaborative,” she adds.

In the current airfreight world, many organisations have started to embrace digital transformation, employing artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, with the adoption of automated and real-time tracking. “This proactive management of the cold chain is uniquely providing a path for continued understanding and improvements in packaging and delivery methods, especially of thermally reliant pharmaceutical products,” says Tower.

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Authored by Suzanne Hangley Business Development Manager at Tower Cold Chain

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