How is last-mile delivery changing pharmaceutical logistics

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Last mile pharmaceutical delivery in the cold chain starts once the products reach the final transportation hub, before journeying directly to the end consumer. This ‘last mile’ can often be the most complex part of the delivery process, depending on local conditions. It may be, for example, that products must be delivered to remote, complicated locations.

The challenge comes when pharmaceutical products require transportation and storage options that are temperature controlled.

Ensuring optimum temperature and humidity conditions in an efficient and seamless cold supply chain is crucial to preserving the quality and integrity of these sensitive goods and safeguarding the patient.

It is here that the choice of the most appropriate temperature-controlled container makes all the difference to successful transportation and delivery.

For full article please visit: How is last-mile delivery changing pharmaceutical logistics? – European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer


Authored by Kevin Doran Global Head of Supply Chain at Tower Cold Chain

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