Innovating the Cold Chain: Personalised Containers

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In the domain of temperature-controlled logistics, absolute precision and reliability are indispensable. Whether it involves transporting clinical trial samples, active pharmaceutical ingredients, vaccines, or perishable biotech products, maintaining optimal temperature conditions throughout the journey is absolutely crucial. However, we recognise that the cold chain is not a one-size-fits-all space. Enter personalised cold chain containers, which are transforming this landscape, providing pharmaceutical manufacturers with an unprecedented level of control and customisation.


One of the key advancements driving personalised cold chain containers is digitalisation. By integrating bespoke tracking capabilities into cold chain containers, stakeholders gain real-time visibility into the location and temperature conditions of their valuable cargo. This not only enhances transparency but also enables proactive intervention in the rare case of temperature deviations. Such data-driven insights empower manufacturers to make informed decisions and mitigate risks effectively, safeguarding the integrity of their products throughout the supply chain.

As such, Tower has recently announced its partnership with ELPRO, a global leader in advanced monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical and life science industries. ELPRO’s IoT data logging technology provides end-to-end visibility with real-time temperature and location monitoring, allowing users access to crucial shipment information throughout the entire transit route.

Through this collaboration, Tower Cold Chain strengthens its ability to safeguard the integrity of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products. Customers can expect enhanced traceability, milestone analysis and notifications and alerts throughout the entire supply chain, resulting in improved quality, efficiency and compliance when transporting their products.

Click and Collect

The rise of click-and-collect services has further expanded the horizon of personalised cold chain containers. With Tower offering customers the flexibility to schedule the return of their KTEvolution according to their convenience, we are not only enhancing the overall customer experience but also optimising logistics operations and storage space. Once the containers have been used, the customer simply scans the unique QR code integrated on the top of the unit and Tower arranges collection, which takes place same day or next working day.

Purchase vs Rental

Purchase options also play a significant role in catering to the diverse needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Tower Cold Chain provides flexible purchase options tailored to the preferences and requirements of our customers . Whether it’s an outright purchase of the KTEvolution range or more standard rental arrangements, Tower ensures that customers have the flexibility to choose the option that best aligns with their budget, operational strategy, and long-term objectives. This commitment to providing varied purchase options underscores Tower Cold Chain’s dedication to delivering comprehensive solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of its clientele in the temperature-controlled logistics sector.


Personalisation extends beyond just functionality; it also encompasses aesthetics. Tower Cold Chain now offers customers the option to select their brand colours and finishes for their containers to help  build a stronger brand identity, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately grow their business. By integrating innovative personalisation options for colour and finish, Tower Cold Chain ensures that each KTEvolution container not only meets the stringent requirements for temperature control but also help their customers’ brand to stand out in a competitive market. This attention to detail enhances the overall experience and strengthens the partnership between Tower and our customers.

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