Monitoring, Audit trail and visibility

Performance Monitoring, Tracking and Audit Trail

Monitoring, Audit trail and visibility

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Integrated performance monitoring and data logging

We offer two data logger options to give you the level of visibility you require for your shipments. Both data logger options, approved by most airlines, to provide you with visibility and control.

We enable your team to make agile, informed decisions throughout each shipment, ensuring adherence to quality and compliance standards.

CX405 Logger


The InTemp CX405-RTD, monitors internal and external temperature at all temperature ranges (including ultra-low) and provides data visibility on the unit and through the dedicated app. Data downloads at both ends of the journey is also available.

Our KT and KTM units are equipped with the InTemp CX405-RTD data logger  allowing you to:

  • Ensure effortless and secure monitoring of shipments, ensuring full compliance with Good Distribution Practice (GDP)
  • Obtain precise temperature readings without unpacking or additional technology
  • View your shipments on Tower Control Center (TCC)
  • Data downloads from loggers within range of the CX Gateway device
  • Notification of temperature excursions
  • Download detailed reports of temperature conditions crucial for audits, quality control, and liability purposes



The ECOLOG-PRO 1TGe offers automatic near real-time location and temperature monitoring and data download of your temperature-sensitive goods at all temperatures and can report on shock, tilt.

 Rentals of our KTEvolution 26 or KTEvolution 57 units come equipped with the ECOLOG-PRO xG datalogger for live tracking to improve the visibility, control, and transparency of your supply chain, particularly for high-value, direct-to-patient, and sensitive shipments, and unlocks additional features and benefits such as:


  • Shock, tilt, motion, altitude, location, internal & external temperature near real-time monitoring
  • Near real-time alarm in case of deviations for immediate intervention
  • Self-access to near real-time shipment location and temperature data
For convenience and complete traceability, loggers are fitted and activated by Tower Cold Chain upon dispatch and shipments can be tracked via the Tower Control Center (TCC).

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Airlines and Data Loggers

Details on logger fascia confirms to the airline and Tower the standard of the logger.

The loggers are built to FDA, USP, EU and WHO standards and are approved by IATA and most airlines.

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