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Tower Cold Chain’s onboard cold storage solution includes two insulated boxes, the AIB4 and larger AIB7, designed to fit into Atlas standard galley boxes and trolleys.

Suzanne Hagley, Business Development Manager Airlines/Cargo at Tower Cold Chain, says: “The AIB4 and AIB7 allow airlines to return cater food, enabling cost savings and a consistent product on both the out- and inbound service.

Our boxes are ideal for night stopping flights, keeping fresh food within temperature until the next morning. “They give airlines flexibility as they can be loaded with a basket or oven rack.

A frozen plate containing phase-change material gives 24-hours’ compliance at holding the refrigerated temperature of between 2°C and 8°C,” adds Hagley, pointing out that the solution does not
require the procurement of dry ice.

“It’s robust, reliable and completely reusable. At the end of its life cycle, every component can be broken down and recycled,” adds Hagley, highlighting the products’ sustainability.

For full article please visit: Onboard Hospitality 91 September/October 2022 by BMI Publishing Ltd – Issuu


Authored by Suzanne Hangley Business Development Manager at Tower Cold Chain



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