Passive v Active containers: An impartial round table discussion

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Tower listened to its customers and the feedback received was the desire for access to more honest, impartial, educational discussions that provided insight rather than webinars that simply try to sell.

This is why Tower sponsored the first of many round table open and impartial discussions with six industry experts from the airline, pharmaceutical and logistics sectors to come together to discuss the changing face of the industry, the new challenges that are arising in delivering vaccines to remote areas and how that will affect the choice of passive v active containers within the sector.

The panel consisted of:

  • Roger Chew: Global Sales Director, SFS Pharma Logistics
  • Brendan Beech: Director – Global Network and Business Development, Maltacourt Global Logistics
  • Mike Meakin: Vice President, Global Quality Regulatory & Compliance, DHL Supply Chain
  • Maik Slijpen: Director, Value Stream Management, The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
  • Michał Grochowski: Cargo Director at LOT Polish Airlines
  • Henry Moran: Host & Director, ASC Associates Ltd
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