Choosing the right Cold Chain Solution

Passive v Active Containers for Temperature-Controlled Logistics

This white paper looks at the new challenges of delivering vaccines to remote areas and how that will affect the choice of Passive v Active temperature controlled containers within the pharmaceutical cold chain sector.

  • Brendan Beech: Director – Global Networks and Business Development at Maltacourt
  • Darren Sherlock: Regional Operations Manager, Rest of World at Virgin Atlantic Cargo
  • Don Riach: Director, UK Operations at Biocair
  • Jeff Back: Global Quality Supply Chain, Head of the Americas at Sanofi
  • Kamil Rarak: Special Cargo Product Development and Training Manager/ Head of PharmaOPS Team – IATA CEIV Pharma

As pharmaceutical supply chains become far more complex and truly global in nature, the common goal for all stakeholders is the management of risk and cost to ensure lifesaving pharmaceuticals maintain optimal quality until they reach the end patient.

With an industry desire for access to more honest and impartial White Papers that provide insight rather than sales pitches, Tower listened to its customers and sponsored the first of a sequence of whitepapers, collaborating with industry experts from the airline, pharmaceutical and logistic sectors to discuss the changing face of the industry.

Authored by: Henry Moran, Angus Barrett, and Tower Cold Chain

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