Reducing Environmental Impact with Sustainable Pharmaceutical Containers

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In today’s landscape, every industry faces mounting pressure to prioritise environmental impact in their practices. With the pharmaceutical industry being one of the biggest contributors to global pollution, sustainability is key. Now, the choice of temperature-controlled containers goes beyond convenience or cost-effectiveness – which is why we manufacture sustainable pharmaceutical containers that set a new standard in the industry.

There are some clear benefits to using fully reusable containers over their single-use or semi-reusable counterparts. While single-use options may offer short-term affordability, they can come with significant environmental costs. Unlike reusable containers designed for durability and multiple uses, single-use packaging prioritises convenience and cost which can lead to uncertain end-of-life disposal practices. When single-use pharmaceutical containers are disposed of after use, there is still a layer of uncertainty as to where they end up; in some cases, the end-of-life disposal regulations are unfortunately not always adhered to and containers face the risk of ending up in landfill.

Similarly, whilst semi-reusable options may offer a solution that aims to strike a balance between convenience and durability, these containers often still compromise on longevity and weatherproofing. The need for periodic component replacements due to damage or wear therefore adds to the total cost of ownership and logistical complexities overall, making them less sustainable in the long run.

A fully reusable container offers an encompassing solution to these challenges. Engineered with robust components to withstand years of transportation, these sustainable pharmaceutical containers significantly reduce packaging waste and environmental impact. With a focus on durability, Tower’s containers minimise cost implications associated with repairs, ensuring the integrity of the important pharmaceutical products they transport throughout their extended lifespan.

At Tower Cold Chain, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. Our passive containers offer a fully reusable solution with heat and shock protection for 120+ hours and robust durability. Through smart manufacturing practices and volumetric efficiency, we aim to minimise waste and maximise efficiency. Our entire range of pharmaceutical sustainable containers utilise phase-change technology, reducing reliance on electricity during transit and ensuring long-term thermal protection without manual intervention.

By using Phase Change Material (PCM) instead of single-use dry ice, the PCM can be reused to deliver consistent results, making it a more energy-efficient solution for sustainable cold chain management. After each use, our sustainable pharmaceutical containers undergo thorough cleaning to be used time and time again for another sustainable cold chain, with many containers remaining in active use for over ten years.

In addition to end-of-life considerations, it is important to emphasise sustainable manufacturing practices. Modular systems allow for versatility, enabling the production of multiple shipper sizes to fit various aircraft types and ISO pallet combinations while requiring just one size of PCM plate regardless of configuration.

At Tower, we also offer a seamless Click and Collect service for our fully reusable KTEvolution ‘parcel size’ shipping system to ensure product circularity. By simply scanning the QR code on the container, customers can arrange the return of their units, where we provide hassle-free collection on the same or next working day. This approach reduces waste and CO2 emissions, offering convenient logistic control and eliminating the need for storage.

Our passive, reusable containers will also maintain internal temperatures for over 120 hours without reliance on external power sources. While active solutions may offer a level of security, passive containers reduce reliance on electricity, making them not only sustainable but ideal for remote locations and environments prone to power cuts or delays.

In conclusion, Tower Cold Chain’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond mere product design. From fully reusable containers to innovative manufacturing practices, we strive to minimise environmental impact while ensuring the reliability and integrity of pharmaceutical cold chain logistics. By choosing a Tower container, pharmaceutical manufacturers can achieve sustainability without compromising on performance or efficiency. With collaboration, we can build a more sustainable and efficient future for cold chain logistics.

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