Temperature Controlled Packaging: A Cold Supply Chain Guide

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Industries such as life sciences, pharmaceuticals, aviation and the catering industry rely on an effective and efficient cold supply chain to maintain product integrity, reputation and profitability. It is not enough to select an insulated container from a standard courier service; instead, businesses wishing to fully exploit the benefits of a true cold supply chain should seek a firm that demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of temperature-controlled packaging, whose aims and vision align with the company’s own and whose global network will guarantee a successful delivery every time.

Choosing temperature-controlled packaging

Choosing the right temperature-controlled packaging is essential to guarantee the integrity of perishable or temperature-sensitive items. Many pharmaceutical products are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and must be maintained within set parameters at all times. In this instance, it is crucial that the selected solution provides continuous, real-time temperature monitoring and alerts, should parameters be at risk of being breached.

Many industries abide by strict regulations on the handling and transportation of temperature-sensitive products, and in order to guarantee compliance, it is essential that the packaging and provider that are selected adhere to these requirements and can provide the necessary supporting evidence to substantiate that compliance has been achieved.

The selected packaging solution must protect the contents from exposure to temperature fluctuations and also guard against damage, breakages or spillages, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

Best practice for choosing temperature-controlled packaging

You should select a temperature-controlled packaging solution from a company with a strong reputation for delivering optimal solutions; one that has a global network and excellent customer support. When you select a supplier that demonstrates all of these qualities, they will work with you to establish the most appropriate temperature-controlled packaging for your products.

They will ask about the industry sector in which you work, in order that they can identify which legal and regulatory requirements apply. They will get to know the product that you are transporting to identify a container of the correct dimensions, strength and weight. They will determine the safest method by which it should travel, minimising the risk of delays and guaranteeing that quality standards are maintained at all times.

They will implement appropriate temperature monitoring systems to continually record the temperature of the goods in transit and have procedures for manually overriding the electronic monitoring system should deviations or delays in transit occur. By doing so, they will be able to guarantee quality control and compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements and standards.

Choose Tower

Tower Cold Chain are industry leaders in the manufacture and supply of temperature-controlled packaging. With our global supply network and established customer support team, we are ideally placed to support businesses with all of their cold supply chain needs. To investigate the options that are available to you, please contact us today.

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