The Total Cost of Shipping: Part 2

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The Total Cost of Shipping: Part 2

For several years, cost and operational efficiencies have been front-of-mind across the life sciences industry

This is the result of many legacy blockbuster drugs coming off-patent and the knock-on effect that has had on the market: loss of profits due to generic drugs and a wave of mergers and acquisitions.

The supply chain is an area where both cost and efficiency savings can be made. However, these can only be achieved alongside maintaining compliance if there is full understanding of all the factors that contribute to the total cost of shipping.

As discussed and analysed in part 1 of this series, there is a general misconception that there are only two main factors that contribute to the total cost of shipping: cost of packaging and cost of freight. The white paper concluded that the cost of shipping temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals is not just the cost of the packaging plus the freight, but of many other related and often overlooked factors within the overall supply chain.

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