Tower Cold Chain Announces Strategic Partnership with ELPRO

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ELRPO Announcement

Temperature-controlled container provider, Tower Cold Chain, has announced its latest partnership with ELPRO, a global leader in advanced monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical and life science industries.

ELPRO’s IoT data logging technology provides end-to-end visibility with real-time temperature and location monitoring, allowing users access to crucial shipment information throughout the entire transit route.

Through its collaboration with ELPRO, Tower Cold Chain strengthens its ability to safeguard the integrity of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products. Customers can expect enhanced traceability, milestone analysis and notifications and alerts throughout the entire supply chain, resulting in improved quality, efficiency and compliance when transporting their products.


Real-time monitoring of temperature and position via IoT technology

  • Enables 100% end-to-end visibility (report generation and assessment throughout the transit route)
  • Enables immediate real-time alerts
  • Provides operational efficiency with the ability to track valuable equipment
  • Allows for proactive intervention if needed
  • Enables milestone analysis
  • Proves the operational integrity of the KTEvolution
  • Allows Tower Cold Chain to offer advanced services using IoT technology

Mobile IoT tracking with LTE-M & NB-IoT allows for

  • Transmitting low amounts of data volumes (machine-to-machine) on long ranges with low power consumption
  • Energy-efficient handshake between antennas for mobile applications via LTE-M
  • Deep connectivity (in trucks, boxes and buildings, through walls) via NB-IoT

Monitoring system integrates with Parkour SC Supply Chain Insights & Intelligence Software | ParkourSC via API:

  • Only one platform, known to TCC customers
  • Adding data to the system (visualisation, analysis, big data)

Additional benefits:

  • Suitable in size and weight
  • Plug & Play solution
  • Fully validated by ELPRO
  • 12months battery life
  • Ability to self-service annually (i.e., battery change)
  • Ability to self-calibrate