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When you work in a heavily regulated industry such as pharmaceuticals, you recognise the importance of a customer-focused supply chain. This is especially so when temperature-sensitive products need to be shipped globally and delivered in the same perfect condition that they were in upon leaving your premises.

Our Speciality Is Key To Your Success

At Tower Cold Chain, we specialise in the supply chain management of temperature-controlled products and our global network guarantees constant and immediate access to the necessary solutions and technology to satisfy the most demanding of requirements and regulations.

We offer global inventory management, with our network encompassing Europe, Asia-Pacific, America, Africa and the Middle East. We guarantee product integrity for your peace of mind and our cold chain products, containers and technologies are always available when needed.

Our Products And Services

Our technology is patented to meet the GDP requirements of the most demanding industries and our temperature control mechanisms exceed the most challenging regulations that exist within the field of pharmaceuticals.

Our innovative temperature-controlled containers are endlessly reusable, satisfying not only global product availability requirements but improving our environmental credentials and long-term sustainability and that of our clients. We collaborate with our clients and learn from our experiences in order to address emerging challenges and satisfy new requirements.

With the support of our established and innovative approach to global cold chain management, your business will benefit from the quality and budgetary assurance provided by our stable and consistent approach to temperature-controlled deliveries. Our dedicated customer services team will maintain contact throughout the entirety of the logistics cycle for your peace of mind and to ensure that the recipient of your delivery is available at the time of delivery, thus avoiding delays or injecting unnecessary risk into the logistics process.

Guaranteeing Stock Availability

The reusable nature of our temperature-controlled containers and cold chain solutions ensures that a continuous supply is available throughout our global distribution network. Our pre-emptive approach to logistics ensures that customer needs can be anticipated and satisfied in a timely manner, whilst our efficient customer services team ensures that our carbon footprint is minimised through the effective reuse of sanitised and serviced temperature-controlled containers.

We account for every temperature-controlled delivery within our distribution network at all times, with real time tracking and monitoring applied to every consignment, regardless as to size or value. We recognise that every consignment fulfils a vital purpose for our clients and treat it with the care that it warrants.

Through this detailed picture of our network, we are able to maintain a sufficient stock of containers at all global locations in order to meet emerging requirements and to satisfy the demands of new and existing clients.

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