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In the realm of pharmaceutical shipping, evolution is constant. With new life-science products coming to market quicker than ever, temperature-controlled containers which ensure longer lifespans, reduced ownership costs and minimal maintenance are in high demand.

Enter the KTEvolution12. Unveiled at LogiPharma 2024, Tower’s latest passive container is setting a new standard in small parcel solutions for pharmaceutical products, thanks to its unique plate design.

Patent-pending plate design

At the core of the KTEvolution 12 is its innovative plate design, which integrates Tower’s proven phase-change materials (PCM) or dry ice into a unique pyramid-shaped configuration. This design ensures consistent internal temperatures, even when the container is positioned on its side—a first in the pharmaceutical shipping industry.

Last-mile delivery

Tailored for last-mile delivery, laboratory distribution, and clinical trials, the KTEvolution 12 guarantees the safe transport of thermally sensitive pharmaceutical products, maintaining internal temperatures from <-60°C to above +20°C with maximum product protection. It’s specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of life science products, including high-value commercial items, cell and gene therapies, and R&D shipments.

With a payload capacity of up to 12 litres, the KTEvolution 12 maintains thermal control for over 96 hours without external power or human intervention. This means pharmaceutical products can be shipped reliably both domestically and internationally in a compact package.

Performance and Sustainability

Its robust outer shell, constructed from three layers, including lightweight vacuum insulated panels, ensures maximum protection and longevity. Recyclable polyethylene foam provides additional impact resistance, making the KTEvolution 12 a sealed, hard-shelled unit that minimises the risk of contamination and damage.

Tested to ISTA7D summer and winter methodologies, the KTEvolution 12 is equipped to handle unexpected pharmaceutical shipping disruptions with ease, with a 20-30% thermal performance increase over semi-reusable solutions.

Optimised for integrator networks and wholesaler operations, Tower’s fully reusable solution ensures high efficiency and minimal CO₂ emissions, making it environmentally friendly.

Advanced features and customisation

Designed for ease of handling and maintenance, the KTEvolution 12 offers optional IoT capabilities for real-time tracking and data logging, providing customers with full visibility and control over their high-value shipments.

Offering customisation options to meet each customer’s specific needs, from personalised branding to compatibility with various temperature ranges, the KTEvolution 12 is the first Tower product available for purchase – set to revolutionise pharmaceutical shipping.

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