A New Force in Ireland

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A New Force in Ireland

TOWER is delighted to announce a new, improved and exclusive partnership with Swift Freeze – Dublin

Swift Freeze was born out of the long-established, highly-successful Air Transport Systems (ATS) Dublin, well known in the active container cold-chain market. Swift Freeze was established to address a changing market, which demanded a more straightforward, user-friendly and totally-reliable passive solution for the temperature-critical market sector. Swift Freeze, ideally located close to Dublin Airport and to the M50 road networks, provides cold chain solutions to the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland. It services an impressive network of logistics providers across Ireland and provides TOWER with full warehousing including conditioning, full inventory management, contract logistics and a customs brokerage service. It also provides air, road and sea freight services to the pharmaceutical supply chain to and from Ireland.

Niall Balfour, TOWER’s CEO, commented “We have known and worked with Liam and his team for the last 10 years and over that time built trust in both our service and products and we are delighted to cement this relationship by making Swift Freeze our sole partner in Ireland. Swift Freeze have shown how focused and determined they are to grow and expand operations across Ireland, working with them will give us access to the pharma and 3PL sectors and enhance our brand recognition in Ireland. We are delighted that they have placed their faith in us as their sole container supplier across Ireland and look forward to building this relationship further in the coming years.”

Liam Murphy, CEO and owner of Swift Freeze, said , “Having over 25 years directly involved in the cold-chain business in Ireland, I recognized a trend evolving ten years ago giving rise to a passive solution requirement. I immediately began to research extensively and exhausted several global products but, I am happy to report, that for Swift Freeze to maintain its extremely high reputation, which was paramount, we found the solution close by in the UK. We immediately recognised TOWER’s passive reusable cold-chain solutions were exactly what the Irish market required and after testing the product and working with the TOWER team we are confident that we are on the winning team again. Having worked indirectly with the airlines we set an exceptional high standard in service and demand exacting performances from all our vendors. Swift Freeze will ensure a seamless introduction of the TOWER product range to the Irish market and are committed to make TOWER a resounding success in Ireland in an environment where most would see the constraints of Brexit as a discouragement, while we only see it as a minor challenge.

The synergy of both Swift Freeze and TOWER will be a compelling force and we look forward to working with you all.

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