UK Plastic Packaging Tax and Reusability

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Reusability is a key aspect of the Plastic Packaging Tax. The tax will only apply to packaging that is not reusable, recyclable, or compostable.

Therefore, businesses that use packaging that can be reused multiple times such as Tower Cold Chain passive temperature-controlled containers will not be subject to the tax.

The UK government hopes that this will encourage businesses to shift towards more sustainable packaging options such as refillable and reusable containers, durable packaging, and biodegradable materials.

Our robust, reliable and reusable range of containers can easily be integrated into any circular supply chain.

A benefit from leasing  from Tower is that we take full responsibility to ensure containers are recycled, therefore proactively seeking to address the sustainability goals of our customers as well as our sustainability goals. 

A good example of our commitment to providing our customers with alternative environmentally friendly solutions is the new KTEvolution range (available in 26L and 57L).

Carefully designed to be a robust, reliable and reusable ‘small box’ solution to transport high-value science, pharmaceutical, and cell and gene samples or products requiring a temperature-controlled environment, it is also fully recyclable, making it a great alternative to single-use packaging.

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