18 days Navigating China’s Customs with zero temperature excursions? Tower delivered.

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18 days Navigating China’s Customs with zero temperature excursions? Tower delivered.

A controlled-room-temperature shipment being transported from Belgium to Shanghai was at risk of long delays, quarantine and even disposal.

A pharmaceutical shipper asked its courier to supply a thermal shipping system to move controlled ambient product (+15°C to +25°C) from Belgium to Shanghai.

The Chinese clearance process for the import of pharmaceutical products can take up to two weeks, with previous shipments having been exposed to high external ambient temperatures. In addition, previously products had been quarantined and some had been disposed of, having been deemed to have been outside of acceptable temperature specifications and therefore spoiled.

Tower suggested that one KTM22T Tower Euro Pallet would allow all the product boxes to be placed on one Euro pallet and then fork-lifted into the container. As part of the proposal the courier presented the container’s qualification reports to the shipper, which confirmed that the KTM22T Tower Euro Pallet has extended compliance times – minimum 120 hours, ability to secure the product within the container and fast and efficient loading and unloading operations.

On arrival in Shanghai the clearance process took 16 working days, plus another two days before the product was delivered to the site. The KTM22T Tower Euro Pallet maintained the desired temperature range for the duration of the transit period. Due to the success of this movement the customers continue to support the distribution of their kits to China.

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