2022 Voice of Customer Survey Results

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2022 Voice Of Customer Results


Based on our recent voice of the customer survey, we achieved a 45 NPS score.

A ‘great’ result for our first survey according to the industry medium NPS score.

Our customers are satisfied with the service provided, the reliability and the speed and flexibility of our range of passive containers.

Feedback received was overall very positive, but also allowed us to help us understand where we can improve.

We sent out this survey to 500 contacts.


We’re very pleased to know that our customers appreciate all our hard work. Their satisfaction is our goal and inspiration.”

Niall Balfour – Tower Cold Chain CEO



63% of respondents mentioned the exceptional customer service and operation support they receive.

Over the last year, the Customer Service team grew by 100% and now have a global presence to ensure we can provide our customer a 24/7 service.


57% of respondents are satisfied with the range of solutions offered and their reliability

Customers are happy with the product range and quality of products. They feel confident our temperature-controlled containers will keep their products safe and at the right temperature until delivery, without manual intervention. The integrated external data logger is also a clear benefit for our customers to ensure visibility and compliance.


Speed and flexibility

By keeping stock level of containers and plates conditioned at key temperatures in key hubs, we are able to provide read-to-use pre-conditioned containers at short notice. The same day pick up/delivery premium service we offer is highly valued by our customers.




  • Qualification reports

Based on your feedback we are implementation easy and simple qualification summaries, easily sharable with customers, to show how all our containers are tested in triplicate according to ISTA 7D summer and winter profile methodology.

  • Hub locations

In 2022 we have double our number of hubs and to ensure we provide a local service. In 2023 will we continue to develop our strategic hub locations base on our customer needs.

  • Pricing

Digitalisation will remain a key focus to ensure we provide you with fast and accurate quotes.

  • Order and Return process

During 2022 we have implemented a fully web-based ordering system. We will enhance our proposition next year to make it easier for our customers to return and re-order containers.